Homes on Martha’s Vineyard from an Experienced Modular Home Builder
Modular Home Developer William D. Macomber
Over 30 years ago, and almost 200 new homes later, Bill Macomber still does what he does best . . . new construction.

Whether it is a small guest house (below left) tucked away behind your existing home on the vineyard, or the large two-story colonial (right), Bill Macomber probably has done something like it already somewhere on the island.

It is most likely that as you travel around the vineyard you will pass by one or more of Bill's houses.
cchwebsite2067.jpg Other commercial modular construction projects such as the Dock Side Inn (below) and Al's Package Store have been completed by Bill Macomber over the years. He’s been involved in local modular home sales and design for decades and loves what he does.
For more info. call 1-603-783-4220